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Here's what readers are saying about Lisa Mills' books:

"If I read a book, it has to catch me right in the beginning or I won't finish reading it. This book "caught" me within the first page. Wow!" Jen Moore, Indiana


"In HOLDING ON, Lisa weaves her magic flawlessly, drawing the reader in with deeply wounded, realistically lovable characters that make you root for their victory and hold on tight until the tearful, mega-satisfying end. This is one of the most beautiful stories of redemption I've had the honor of reading. Keep a box of tissues nearby. Trust me, you'll need it." ~Award winning author Karen Wiesner


Just finished this book and loved it! When I first began reading the story there was so much pain the character was experiencing, I wasn't sure if I could go on. The descriptions the author uses to convey everyday emotions that we all experience was soul-touching. You could feel it in your stomach as you read.

THEN as I began to see the story unfold, the reality of the need to face the hurts in our own lives head-on became clear. The author has captured one woman's story that shows redemptions from past hurts as not only possible, but amazingly redeeming! This is a must-read! ~Patricia


I'm only on page 27 and I'm thoroughly hooked! Very emotional and jerking (nope, not tugging) at my heart strings...I am enjoying the book immensely! [Lisa] has captured the emotions so wonderfully and made the main character so believable! ~Gayle


"I just got done with your book, "HOLDING ON". It was so awesome. I couldn't put it down...it was a wonderful book. Please keep me informed on any new books so that I can get them. I read the first page and it had me totally hooked!! My daughter said she wanted to read it after I was done, and I am sure she will love it as much as I did. Again, thanks for the wonderful book...keep up with writing as I am looking forward to your next one. ~Vicki



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